Crowns and Bridges

If you live with broken or missing teeth, you know how it affects your comfort and confidence every day. At Sunrise Dental of Eugene, our goal is to help our patients move past pain and embarrassment to a healthier smile. 

Crowns and bridges are two of the most widely-used tooth restorations because they allow people like you to enjoy a healthier smile and better quality of life. Dr. Jiyung Kang is an experienced dentist in Eugene who designs and places beautiful, long-lasting crowns and bridges that make you want to smile again.

When We Recommend Dental Crowns

When you get a cavity, Dr. Kang needs to fill it to remove the decay and protect the tooth. Sometimes, however, a tooth is so damaged by decay or infection filling doesn’t provide enough protection. In this case, our dentist would recommend a durable tooth crown. 

Some examples are:

  • A tooth is cracked or worn down.
  • A cavity is too large to fix with a filling.
  • A root-canaled tooth needs a crown to protect it.
  • A bridge requires the support of crowns on either side. 
  • A dental implant needs a crown to restore function.
  • A tooth with a cosmetic flaw needs to be hidden under a crown. 

How We Place Your Crown in Three Steps

Placing a dental crown on your tooth is completed in two appointments spaced about three weeks apart. 

Step 1: Prepare the Damaged Tooth

Adding a crown also adds bulk, so our dentist needs to alter your tooth's shape and size so it will fit well and sit flush against your gum line. 

Step 2: Take Dental Impressions

Since an outside custom lab fabricates your crown, we take comfortable digital impressions of your teeth (no messy paste!) that we use to create a model and make your temporary crown.

You and Dr. Kang will select a white shade that closely matches your teeth, and we send all the information to the lab, where your crown is custom-crafted for your smile. 

Step 3: Place Your New Crown

In 2-3 weeks, when your crown comes back from the lab, you’ll return to our Eugene dental office so we can remove your temporary and place your final restoration. Before cementing it in place, we carefully adjust the crown to fit comfortably, then place it securely on your tooth.

Replace Missing Teeth with a Dental Bridge

When you lose a tooth, it isn’t just the gap in your smile that’s a problem. Tooth loss affects the way you speak, the foods you choose to eat, and also give your face an aged appearance.

A bridge fills the open space left after tooth loss. It consists of an artificial tooth held in place on either side by crowns attached to adjacent teeth. The bridge restores your appearance and allows you to eat and speak comfortably and confidently.

Do You Need a Crown or Bridge in Eugene, OR?

Dr. Kang and his team at Sunrise Dental of Eugene provide high-quality dentistry, including strong and durable crowns and bridges. If you would like help with broken or missing teeth, please call us to schedule an appointment.