Cosmetic Dentistry

Knowing that your smile looks attractive helps you feel confident about your appearance and makes interacting with others a pleasure. If you feel self-conscious about cosmetic dental flaws, however, you may find yourself doing everything you can to hide your smile.

With modern cosmetic dentistry at Sunrise Dental, there’s no reason for patients who live in and around Eugene, OR to feel self-conscious about the look of their teeth. If you are unhappy with their shape, shade, or position, or you have smile imperfections like chipped or stained teeth, we can help.

Broken, Chipped, or Gapped Teeth

Teeth that are broken or have small chips along the edges detract from the symmetry of your smile, as do uneven gaps and spacing between teeth.

At Sunrise Dental of Eugene, our cosmetic dentist offer several ways to correct all these issues, including tooth-colored fillings, bonding, and porcelain veneers.

Stained, Discolored, or Yellow Teeth

A lifetime of wear and tear often leave our teeth looking dull and stained. Habits like drinking red wine, coffee, and smoking tobacco also add to the tooth discoloration you see.

We offer professional teeth whitening kits that you can use at home. Dr. Kang customizes whitening trays using impressions of your teeth to ensure a snug fit. We also use a prescription-strength whitening gel that’s stronger than anything you can purchase over the counter.

After two weeks of at-home use, you can see that our teeth whitening kits lift years of stains and discoloration, leaving you with a bright, fresh, youthful smile.

Teeth That Are Oddly Shaped or Sized

Some patients have one or two teeth that look out of place because they are too small, too large, or differently shaped. In some cases, Dr. Kang recommends dental bonding, a conservative cosmetic treatment that may be all you need to improve the tooth's appearance.

Another option is porcelain veneers that hide smile flaws or, if you use the tooth to chew—such as molars—he might recommend an all-porcelain crown for the best, longest-lasting results.

Crooked, Crowded, or Overlapped Teeth

If you feel like the time to straighten crooked, crowded, or misaligned teeth has passed you buy, don’t give up hope! Porcelain veneers cover the front surfaces of your teeth and are often referred to as “instant orthodontics.”

Because they conceal smile flaws like tooth misalignment, our cosmetic dentist in Eugene may be able to help you achieve a straighter looking smile with porcelain veneers.

Can Cosmetic Dentistry in Eugene, OR Help Your Smile?

At Sunrise Dental of Eugene, Dr. Jiyung Kang enjoys helping his patients achieve their most attractive, healthiest smiles. If there’s something about the look of your teeth that you would like to improve, he would love to meet with you to see what enhancements are possible with cosmetic dentistry.

Please call us to schedule an appointment to get started. We look forward to helping you!