Dental Implants

Living day to day with missing teeth can be a challenge. It’s difficult to eat all the foods you love when your teeth aren’t working as they should. Since your smile doesn’t function the way it’s supposed to, you can experience pain and soreness, all of which drain your confidence and happiness. 

Removable dentures are an excellent tooth replacement for many patients at Sunrise Dental of Eugene, but they come with their own challenges. Unexpected movement, soreness, and difficulty chewing comfortably are all part of living with dentures.

Dental Implants for Stable, Secure Tooth Replacement

With dental implants placed by Eugene dentist Dr. Jiyung Kang, we help our patients transition from discomfort and lowered self-esteem to a healthy, vibrant smile. Implants can give you back the freedom to eat the foods you love and the confidence of a healthy, beautiful smile.

Dental Implants - A Healthy Solution for Missing Teeth

Dental implants are unique because they are an artificial tooth root that Dr. Kang places surgically in your jaw bone. The implant root is made of biocompatible titanium, which means it is easily accepted by the body. 

Without an implant to replace the missing root, your jawbone starts to break down over time. The result is gum recession, loose teeth, and even additional tooth loss in the future. 

Steps for Getting a Dental Implant

Planning Implant Placement

Dr. Kang places implants at our Eugene dental office in three steps that take place over several months. He starts by using leading-edge 3-D cone beam technology to plan the precise placement of your implant in the optimal location and position. The proper placement is crucial because it helps ensure successful results and an implant that can last a lifetime.

Placing Your Implant

Placing your implant in your jaw is an in-office procedure that usually takes about an hour and is much more comfortable than you might think. Next, we must wait several months while the titanium implant in your jaw integrates fully with the bone and tissue around it 

Restoring Function to Your Implant

After the implant heals, Dr. Kang uncovers the implant and attaches a piece called an abutment that connects the implant to the restoration. Depending on your needs and how many teeth we are replacing, we will attach a crown, bridge, or full or partial denture to the abutment. 

Call to Schedule a Dental Implant Appointment

No two cases or patients have the same needs. That’s why we are committed to giving you the information and the individualized attention you deserve for your unique situation. You will receive a thorough evaluation, detailed treatment information, and a plan to help you fit the cost of care into your budget.

If you are tired of sacrificing your quality of life because of the problems created by missing teeth, call Sunrise Dental of Eugene to schedule an appointment.