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What is a dental crown procedure?

Dental crowns are a restoration that we use to protect and strengthen a broken or decayed tooth. Many people know them as “caps,” and it’s a good description because a crown protects your tooth like a little helmet.

Steps for Getting a Dental Crown

Getting a dental crown in Eugene, OR involves several steps. First, Dr. Kang alters the shape and size of the tooth to ensure the restoration will fit perfectly.

Next, we take comfortable digital impressions of your teeth. Forget messy paste impressions where you have to bite down on a cold, goopy mess of paste. Today, obtaining a 3-D scan of your teeth is as easy as taking a picture.

Our dentist in Eugene uses the digital impression to create a model of your tooth and design your temporary and final crown. You and Dr. Kang choose a white shade to match surrounding teeth, and he creates a temporary crown to wear while you wait.

Skilled technicians at a custom dental lab craft your new restoration with great precision and detail. When we get it back from the lab, we schedule a second appointment to place the new crown on your tooth.

During this visit, Dr. Kang removes your temporary and places the new crown on the tooth to test it for fit. He makes any adjustments needed to ensure the crown doesn’t interfere with your dental bite, then cements it securely in place.

Do You Need a Dental Crown in Eugene, OR?

If you have a decayed, broken, or damaged tooth that we can't fix with a filling, a crown may be the better choice. Please call Sunrise Dental of Eugene to schedule an appointment, so we can see if a crown is right for your needs.

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